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Advisory Board visits regions where the Renova Foundation is operating

Published in: 07/13/2017

Renova Foundation , The Renova Foundation

Group is responsible for ensuring that the institution’s objectives are met

On July 4 and 5, the Advisory Board of the Renova Foundation met in Belo Horizonte (MG) and visited the countryside to check from up close the work carried out by the institution.

The group visited Bento Rodrigues (MG) and the actions for recovering and collecting material assets and went to the site Lavoura (MG), where the district will be rebuilt. They also went to see the renovated square of Barra Longa (MG) and visited the construction works on the soccer field and the exhibition center.

The advisors also visited the works on the containment and stabilization of sediment deposited in the Gualaxo do Norte River, Carmo River and Doce River and finalized the visit in Paracatu de Baixo (MG).

The Advisory Board is composed of members nominated by the maintainers and the Inter-Federative Committee (CIF) and ensures the fulfillment of Renova’s objectives. They are part of the group of representatives of the Doce River Hydrographic Basin (CBH Rio Doce), the Inter-Ministerial Committee for Sea Resources, experts appointed by the Federal Prosecution Service and the Prosecution Service of the States of Minas and Espirito Santo, experts appointed by the Board of Governors and CIF, and representatives of the impacted communities in Minas Gerais and Espirito Santo, also indicated by the CIF.

Advisors visit the renovated square of Barra Longa.

Advisors visit the renovated square of Barra Longa. | Photo: Release

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