Fundação Renova

Animal Rescue: about the activities involving the shelter and care of rescued animals

Published in: 11/14/2019

One of the action fronts on the road to recovery is the treatment, health care and reintegration into the original families of the more than 850 animals taken in since the Fundao dam collapse in Mariana (MG).

While still under the care of the Renova Foundation, the animals receive assistance from dedicated 24/7 veterinarians at the Temporary Animal Shelters, which are located at the Asa Branca Farm in Mariana and Crasto Farm in Barra Longa. Those who have not been recognized by their owners or guardians were made available for adoption through special events and campaigns. Now, the great challenge is to promote the reintegration of the animals into the families and enable the owners of large animals to resume their economic activities.

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