Fundação Renova


Family Resettlement is one of the modalities of repairing the right to housing. This is an option for families that have lost ties to their community of origin or have adapted to the urban context and are not interested in resuming their ways of life in a community, as in the collective resettlements of Bento Rodrigues, Paracatu de Baixo, in Mariana; and Gesteira, in Barra Longa.

This audience also includes families in the rural areas of Mariana and Barra Longa who had their homes impacted by the Fundão dam collapse and were not part of any of the three communities. In all, 132 families opted for this modality.

How it works

Eligible families from Bento Rodrigues, Paracatu de Baixo and rural communities choose a property from the real estate bank organized by the Renova Foundation or indicate the one of their preference, compatible with their right to service, based on the area of origin, as provided for in the guidelines. When the family has the right to housing, it is possible to choose a vacant lot to build the house or to buy a ready-made property, whether it needs renovation or not.

All analyzes are gathered in the real estate notebook, which is individually delivered to families to help them in their real estate decisions. If the property selection term is approved and signed, the Renova Foundation begins negotiations for the purchase.

With the property purchased, house for renovation or plot for construction, families start their project together with an architect. When approved by the family unit, the Renova Foundation files the project with the City Hall to obtain the necessary permits and licenses for the construction or renovation of the property.

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