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Published in: 11/17/2021

Young Leadership

In total, more than BRL 1 million will be allocated for the purchase of materials and services in initiatives for affected communities

The Young Leadership Training project entered a new stage. After completing the training process, around one thousand participants, aged between 15 and 29, are developing projects aimed at the environmental, social, economic and cultural revitalization of their communities along the Doce River basin. The selected projects will have financial support from the Renova Foundation, totaling more than R$ 1 million across the basin.

R$ 25,000 will be allocated for projects in each of the 41 participating municipalities in Minas Gerais and Espírito Santo. The Formation of Young Leaders is part of the Youth Agenda and is carried out with the support of five partner institutions, divided into five regions where the Renova Foundation operates, and each one of them opened a selection process to receive proposals from young people.

The projects will be evaluated by a panel composed of expert consultants, a member of the Renova Foundation, a member of the technical chamber and a member of the local community. Up to five projects will be selected in each of the municipalities, to be carried out within a period of six months, with technical support and administrative-financial management from the institutions.

“The public notice was planned since the beginning of our partnership and, now, we are entering an important stage in the engagement of young people from these municipalities in the repair process. We hope to contribute to the construction of healthy communities, based on youth leadership, environmental commitment and human and cultural values”, says Igor Moreira, analyst at the Education Program for Revitalization of the Rio Doce Basin of the Renova Foundation.

Youth agenda and previous stages

The action is part of the Youth Agenda, created by the Renova Foundation in 2020. The proposal is to articulate and bring together the various initiatives aimed at this age group together with the repair work carried out along the Doce River basin.

The partner institutions were selected through a public notice in 2019, with the objective of mobilizing and engaging young people to participate in collective actions in the process of repairing the basin.

The stages of the project included mapping, diagnosis, mobilization and welcoming of young people. Due to the pandemic, the training process took place online, and the young people had a distance learning platform (EAD), with streaming (real-time transmission) and pre-recorded classes, quizzes and e-books, for example.

Partner institutions

Minas Gerais Association of Family Farming Schools (AMEFA)

Passport for Revitalization Project

Municipalities: Resplendor, Itueta and Aimores, in Minas Gerais and Baixo Guandu, Colatina and Marilandia, in Espirito Santo

Project applications will start on October 25th and will last until November 5th.

Community Center for Culture and Development (CPCD)

 Jupiter Project

Municipalities: Mariana, Barra Longa, Ponte Nova, Rio Doce and Santa Cruz do Escalvado, in Minas Gerais

Registration has already started and ends on October 15th.

Geraldo Perlingeiro Abreu Foundation

Doce River Roots and Wings Project

Municipalities: Bom Jesus do Galho, Bugre, Caratinga, Corrego Novo, Dionisio, Fernandes Tourinho, Iapu, Ipaba, Ipatinga, Marlieria, Pingo D’Água, Raul Soares, Rio Casca, Santana do Paraiso, Sao Domingos do Prata, Sao Jose do Goiabal, Sao Pedro dos Ferros, Sem-Peixe, Sobralia and Timoteo, in Minas Gerais

Project registration has already started and runs until October 18th.

Integrated Center for Sustainable Development Studies and Programs (CIEDS)

Doce River Young Leadership Project

Municipalities: Belo Oriente, Naque, Periquito, Governador Valadares, Espadrilles, Tumiritinga, Galileia and Conselheiro Pena, in Minas Gerais

Project registration starts on October 1st and runs until October 8th.

Lumiar Ambiental

Lotus Project

Municipalities: Aracruz and Linhares, in Espirito Santo

Number of participants: around 200 young people.

Applications for the projects have already started and will last until October 22nd.


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