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Published in: 04/16/2021


So far, R$ 203.5 million has been paid in the municipality to indemnify the damages caused by the Fundao collapse

In January 2021, the indemnity process in Mariana, which began in October 2018, surpassed the mark of over one thousand calls in the Extrajudicial Negotiation Phase (FNE). Of this total, about 40% occurred through remote procedures, adopted after the closure of the Mediated Indemnity Center (MIC), due to the novel coronavirus pandemic. So far, R$ 203.5 million has been paid in indemnities in the municipality.

In Mariana, the repair process is different from that adopted in the rest of the impacted region, due to factors that range from the filing of a Public Civil Action by the Prosecution Service – and the signed agreement – to decisions by the affected people who, for example, selected Caritas’ Technical Advisory Body for handling the registration process.

In June 2020, remote service began. It was adopted as a way to guarantee continuity of service to those affected in the “FNE” and, at the same time, preserve the health of everyone during the pandemic. With excellent adherence, the remote service proved to be safe, agile, and effective. Just like the participation in the FNE, the use of the remote service model is voluntary and free. If the affected person does not want the remote service, they can choose to wait for the face-to-face service.

Those being served remotely are currently people registered whose Caritas files were released to the Renova Foundation or those who have expressed interest in attending the FNE even before their file is released and filed a lawsuit with a claim for indemnity.

Remote service

Remote service takes place as follows: first, the Renova Foundation calls to schedule the meeting, which can be held by videoconference or phone call. Documentation is sent by e-mail to or WhatsApp number +55 (31) 99656-9484. 

The affected person can decide whether they want to be accompanied by an attorney, public defender, Caritas Technical Advisor, or someone else they trust. In case of any doubts, the affected person can reach out to the Dialogue analyst who accompanies their family, call the CIM on +55 (31) 99542-5299, or call the customer service channels of the Foundation on 0800 031 2303.

Face-to-face service

The Renova Foundation has already started to schedule meetings for those affected who chose not to adhere to the remote procedure and chose to wait for the resumption of face-to-face service. These schedules follow safety protocols, so people’s health is not put at risk.

For those affected who are at-risk groups, such as, for example, the elderly, pregnant women, and people with comorbidities (respiratory and cardiac problems, obesity, diabetes, etc.), face-to-face service is not yet possible.

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