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Published in: 07/26/2021

Abastecimento de Água

Renova Foundation adopts measures to continue the works of the new water withdrawal installation in Governador Valadares

In order to ensure the delivery of the Governador Valadares pipeline, the Renova Foundation is implementing measures to continue the works with efficiency and quality. Therefore, the Foundation has hired companies with on-demand contracts, already mobilized, to continue the activities in the urban section until the hiring process of the companies that are to complete the work has been finalized. 

 In the sections of Lincoln Byrro Street that are located in the Vila Bretas neighborhood, the main pipeline has already been installed. The restoration of the pavement (interlocking blocks) however is still underway, and so is the installation of pipes in the rest of the street in the Sao Paulo neighborhood.

Progress of works

To date, over 1,000 meters of piping have been installed in the urban section, adding up to over 14 kilometers of completed pipeline along the entire length which in total will be 38 kilometers.

In the rural section, important steps have also been completed, such as the structures crossing under the railway, and others are underway. The water pipeline has already been authorized by the Minas Gerais Water Management Institute (Igam) to withdraw water from the Corrente River by.

Water Pipeline

The new pipeline will supply Governador Valadares with water withdrawn from the Corrente Grande River. In operation, and at maximum capacity, it will be able to supply 900 liters of water per second to the Central, Santa Rita and Vila Isa Water Treatment Plants (WTPs).

Its construction is conducted by the Renova Foundation and executed by specialized companies with experience in this type of work, operating along the entire length of the pipeline. The works are also supervised by the Municipality of Governador Valadares, the City Council and SAAE.


The construction follows the guidelines of the World Health Organization (WHO) in order to prevent the spread of the novel coronavirus pandemic. All field activities follow safety measures, such as daily temperature measurement of employees, minimum distance of 2 meters, mandatory use of masks and keeping distance from residents and pedestrians. The Renova Foundation also informs that, every 20 days, 50% of the workforce undergoes a Covid-19 test, that is, every 40 days, 100% of the workforce of the pipeline works is tested.


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