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Published in: 08/30/2019

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Pedra Corrida Fishermen’s and Islanders’ Association visits communities in Linhares and Serra (ES)


Between August 12 and 14, the Pedra Corrida Fishermen’s and Islanders’ Association (ASPIPEC) from Periquito visited institutions that are related to fishing in the communities of Guaxe, Regencia and Lagoa do Aguiar, in Linhares (ES); and in Jacaraipe, Serra (ES). Organized by the Renova Foundation, the exchange aimed to create opportunities for sharing experiences and knowledge between the associations.

The action is part of the Associativism and Cooperative Support Program, a partnership between the Renova programs Development and Economic Diversification; Resumption of Fishing Activities; and Social Dialogue. Currently, ASPIPEC is one of 10 institutions served by the project. 

Juparana Lagoon – Visit to the Guaxe Fish Farmers’ Association (APIGUA) | Photo: Jefferson Rocio

Renova’s socio-economic analyst, Kadio Aristide, explained that the project’s objective is to stimulate the formation of institutions such as associations and cooperatives in the municipalities affected by the Fundao dam collapse. In this sense, the visit of ASPIPEC to other organizations was intended to show, in practice, the operation of associations and productive projects related to fishing.

“ASPIPEC has not been formalized yet. We are going to help them with that. The exchange was important because they could hear from others about their experiences, from those who have been in this process for much longer, to learn about the challenges and results of the work that has been done. This way, they are for example able to see that to have a good idea is not enough; it is necessary to have a community management and mobilization process. Overall, the exchange of experiences was very good, the organizations were very happy,” he said.

Juara Lagoon Project Production Base, in Linhares (Aguiar Lagoon) | Photo: Jefferson Rocio

ASPIPEC’s president, Patricia de Oliveira Vieira, said that the institution aims to implement a tank and net pen project for tilapia and lambari farming in the district of Pedra Corrida, in Periquito. For her, the visit to the associations of Espirito Santo was important to gain more knowledge. 

“The exchange of experiences opened our minds. We already had several ideas and now we have even more. I’m confinced this project will work! And that will not only good for us, but for the whole community. We will create jobs for our partners, our children, we will have the opportunity to get young people off the streets,” she said.

Tilapia tank for direct sales to the public of the Juara Project in Jacaraipe (Serra) | Photo: Jefferson Rocio

The Associativism and Cooperative Support program aims to support an average of 20 institutions from different economic structures along the Doce River Basin. The contract provides for a company specialized in the area to provide technical advice to institutions for at least one year, supporting the improvement of internal processes, construction of business plans, problem solving, among others.

Here are some pictures of the ASPIPEC exchange:

Juara Lagoon Project Production Base, in Linhares (Aguiar Lagoon) | Photo: Jefferson Rocio

Tilapia farming in suspended tanks. Inovapesca Project of the Regencia Fishermen’s Association (Linhares) | Photo: Jefferson Rocio

View of Juparana Lagoon, where tilapia farming is done in net pens by the Guaxe Fish Farmers Association (Linhares) | Photograph: Jefferson Rocio

Guaxe Fish Farmers’ Association (APIGUA) | Photo: Jefferson Rocio


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