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Published in: 03/04/2022


Last year alone, approximately R$ 5.64 billion was paid, almost triple the amount initially estimated in the Budget for the year

The Renova Foundation ended 2021 with more than BRL 8.71 billion paid in compensation and Emergency Financial Aid (AFE) for the damage caused by the Fundao dam collapse (MG) to about 363,500 people.

Last year alone, approximately R$ 5.64 billion was disbursed in compensation and financial aid. This value is 182% higher than initially forecast for 2021: BRL 2 billion.

In this context, the Renova Foundation is moving towards definitive financial reparation.  By the end of 2021, the Renova Foundation had disbursed BRL 19.6 billion in compensation and financial reparation actions.

“This growth is due to the Simplified Indemnity System, implemented by the Renova Foundation following a court decision, when compensation gained new momentum, unlocking informal payments”, says Mariana Azevedo, manager of Integrated Management of Compensation Solutions at the Renova Foundation.

The Simplified Indemnity System allows the indemnification of often informal categories such as artisans, cart drivers, washerwomen, subsistence and informal fishermen, sand harvesters and others. The system also compensates formal categories such as professional fishermen, boat owners and companies such as hotels, inns and restaurants. Residents of 45 impacted municipalities have access to the System. In 2021, 51.8 thousand people received their compensation for this flow, corresponding to the total amount paid of R$ 5.1 billion.

For those who have proven damage, financial compensation is also handled by the Renova Foundation through the PIM/AFE System. It includes those who meet the criteria of the Mediated Indemnity Program (PIM) and the Emergency Aid Program (AFE), as provided for in the Transaction and Conduct Adjustment Agreement (TTAC).


Amount paid and people indemnified by the Simplified Indemnity System by location as of December 2021 (approximate numbers):

  District Number of beneficiaries Amount Paid (BRL)
1 Aimores: 6.1 thousand 576 million
2. Aracruz 3.7 thousand 393 million
3. Baixo Guandu 7.6 thousand 689 million
4. Belo Oriente 2.9 thousand 241 million
5. Bom Jesus do Galho 1 thousand 97.6 million
6. Bugre 198 18 million
7. Colatina 1.7 thousand 175 million
8. Conceicao da Barra 2.9 thousand 355 million
9. Governador Valadares 570 45 million
10. Itueta 670 64 million
11 Linhares 6.6 thousand 661 million
12. Naque 2.2 thousand 176 million
13 Periquito 1.7 thousand 167 million
14 Rio Doce 940 105 million
15. Santana do Paraiso 530 46 million
16. Sao Mateus 4 thousand 479 million
17. Resplendor 1.2 112 million
18. Sem-Peixe 120 12 million
19. Ipaba 600 58 million
20. Caratinga 260 27 million
21. Fernandes Tourinho 120 11 million
22. Marilandia 75 7 million
23. Santa Cruz do Escalvado 1.6 thousand 182 million
24. Sao Jose do Goiabal 1 thousand 100 million
25 Galileia 550 54 million
26. Pingo d´Água 100 10 million
27. Tumiritinga 1.5 thousand 147 million
28. Ponte Nova 400 57 million
29. Dionisio 190 18 million
30. Rio Casca 85 8.5 million


About the Renova Foundation

The Renova Foundation is a private non-profit organization, created with the sole purpose of managing and executing the actions and programs for reparation and compensation of the damage caused by the Fundao Dam collapse.

The Foundation was established in March 2016 by means of the Transaction and Conduct Adjustment Term (TTAC), signed between Samarco, its shareholders Vale and BHP, the federal government and the state governments of Minas Gerais and Espirito Santo, as well as several authorities, foundations and institutes (like Ibama, Chico Mendes Institute, National Water Agency, State Forestry Institute, Funai, Governmental Departments of Environment, among others).

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