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Published in: 05/12/2022

Reassentamentos , Resettlements

Interventions in spaces ensure accessibility, health and well-being when students return to face-to-face activities 

In February, students from the temporary schools in Bento Rodrigues and Paracatu de Baixo, located in Mariana (MG), resumed face-to-face activities. To ensure well-being, health and accessibility for students, some spaces have undergone improvements in recent months. 

The Bento Rodrigues Municipal School received new paintings in the classrooms and on the outside, repairs to the roof and lining, treatment of infiltrations, weeding, replacement of the floor in the video room and renovation of the floor of the recreation area, in addition to small repairs and the building maintenance activities. The school’s director, Eliene Geralda dos Santos, highlights the importance of the reform for the students’ health. “The walls had a bit of mold and some students even caught the flu. The floor was swollen and many were tripping. We care about everyone’s well-being and want to ensure a safe, comfortable and welcoming space”, she says.

At Escola Municipal Paracatu de Baixo, in addition to painting the classrooms, floors and outside, an accessibility platform was installed on the first floor and the floor was changed and the court was painted, a new garden was built, small repairs and building maintenance were also done. Director Sônia Sartori Soares Miranda says that over time, many things wore out, such as the synthetic grass on the court. “The platform is critical as it will ensure that the second floor is accessible. The painting made the rooms more beautiful and attractive. Now it’s time to take care of our school, as we’ve always done, to preserve it,” she says.

Even with the advance of vaccination, students, teachers and school staff will continue to follow the safety measures determined by the municipality, among them, the use of masks, social distance and hand hygiene with soap and water or 70% alcohol. 


The school works in the Bento Rodrigues resettlement were completed in February 2021. The space will have, in all, 12 classrooms, teachers’ room, science laboratory, multipurpose and computer room, library, secretary, changing rooms, patios, playground, accessible restrooms, cafeteria, covered sports court and parking. In Paracatu de Baixo, the school works are still in progress.


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