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Teachers from the Doce River Basin region participate in the Douradinho Project

Published in: 07/03/2017

Environmental Education

The purpose of the training was to promote engagement and prepare professionals to develop environmental education actions in the schools

A new stage of the Douradinho Project has just been completed: teachers from Governador Valadares, Ipatinga, Mariana, Rio Doce, Barra Longa, Santa Cruz do Escalvado, in Minas Gerais, and Colatina, in Espirito Santo, have completed training so that they can develop the actions of the project at the schools where they work.

The meetings were conducted by the administrator Eduardo Rocha and the biologist Ricardo Abrahão, founders of the Institute pelo Bem do Planeta (Wellness of the Planet), responsible for the Douradinho Project along the Doce River Basin. The purpose of the training is to raise awareness and empower the school community for the implementation of the Douradinho Project and for the use of its tools.

On June 13 and 14, teachers from Ipatinga (MG) and Colatina (ES) participated in the training. In Ipatinga, there were about 75 educators who, for two hours, shared profound stories on their experience with local nature and concerns about conscious consumption.

In Colatina, at the Castelo Branco College, 80 educators from different segments and school units showed a high interest in the second stage of the project, the children’s activity Play The Call, and their actions with real impact. “This week’s experiences were profound, of great learning. This is the beginning of a long process of training collectives and transformation agents of communities”, says Eduardo Rocha.

Between June 19 and 23, seven meetings were held in other municipalities, with municipal and state education networks, with the presence of 44 educators in Governador Valadares, 60 in Mariana, 9 in Rio Doce, 14 in Barra Longa and 10 in Santa Cruz do Escalvado. During the training sessions in Valadares, the teachers praised the flexibility of the project, which adapts to the weather and the school calendar.

Teacher training of the Douradinho Project has been completed in seven municipalities. | Photo: Douradinho Project

Teacher training of the Douradinho Project has been completed in seven municipalities. | Photo: Douradinho Project

“We highly value these moments with the Educators, because what we from the Douradinho Project believe in is that by empowering them they will make great mobilizers who will encourage the children in the transformations and in carrying out the activities of the project”, says Ricardo Abrahão.

The work is being developed in the region since March and is part of a partnership between the Renova Foundation and the Institute pelo Bem do Planeta. “The partnership with the Renova Foundation is helping the Douradinho Project grow in the Doce River region, providing the distribution of 4 thousand ‘Tin Can Friend, River Friend’ printed books and the educators’ training sessions that are taking place this week”, says Ricardo Abrahão, founder of the Institute pelo Bem do Planeta.

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