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Structuring Actions Begin To Receive Integrated Agenda Resources

Published in: 04/05/2022

Economic development

The health, education and infrastructure areas of municipalities in the Rio Doce Basin will benefit from approximately R$ 830 million 

The compensatory resources made possible through the Integrated Agenda agreement are beginning to be invested in the areas of education, health and infrastructure. The agreement was signed between the Renova Foundation and the governments of the states of Minas Gerais and Espírito Santo, as well as municipalities in the Doce River Basin that were affected by the Fundao dam collapse. The judicial deposits, of around R$830 million, were completed by the Renova Foundation in July 2021. 

To date, approximately R$ 71 million has been released by the 12th Federal Court to states and municipalities, which corresponds to 9% of the total amount. 

Among the amounts accessed by the Public Authorities, the release of more than R$ 1 million to the municipality of Sem Peixe (MG), the first to access the resources, stands out. The amount is equivalent to 35% of the total estimated value, in the order of R$ 3 million, and was allocated to the acquisition of school vans. For São José do Goiabal (MG), more than R$ 2 million were released, 67% of the total forecast, around R$ 3 million, for the purchase of school transport vehicles such as buses, vans and minivans. The vehicles purchased for school transport are already being used by the two municipalities.

Infrastructure, health and economic development

For the implementation of the MG-760 highway, the stretch between the BR-262 and the municipality of São José do Goiabal (MG), which connects the Doce River Valley to the Zona da Mata of Minas Gerais, R$ 64.4 million has been made available, so far, to the State of Minas Gerais. The amount corresponds to 50% of the total estimated value, which is R$ 128 million.

Resources were also released by the Judicial Branch to start the structuring of the Regional Hospital of Governador Valadares (MG) and the implementation of the Industrial District in Rio Doce (MG).

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