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Published in: 06/30/2022

Foz do Rio Doce Territory , Sanitation Program

Around R$ 4.9 million were invested in sanitation works in the districts of Vila Bagueira and Baixo Quartel 

Two Sewage Treatment Stations (ETEs) were inaugurated in the municipality of Linhares, in the north of Espírito Santo. Carried out with compensatory funds from the Renova Foundation’s Sanitation Program, which invested around R$ 4.9 million, the works were completed in December 2021.

In Baixo Quartel district, approximately 4 km of sewage collection networks, two pumping stations and an ETE comprising preliminary treatment, UASB reactor, biofilter, decanter and sludge drying bed were completed. In the district of Vila Bagueira, approximately 3 km of collection networks, a sewage pump and an ETE were completed, also comprising preliminary treatment, UASB reactor, biofilter, decanter and sludge drying bed. Check out the testimonials of some residents of the region about the new Sewage Treatment Stations:

Compensatory resources

The Renova Foundation will provide around R$ 147 million in compensatory resources for the municipalities of Linhares, Colatina, Baixo Guandu and Marilândia, impacted by the Fundao dam collapse (MG), and for the Public Consortium for Adequate Treatment and Final Disposal of Solid Waste from the West Doce Region of Espírito Santo State (Condoeste), comprising 22 municipalities located near the Doce River.

Aiming at improving the quality of the water in the Doce River, sanitary sewage and urban solid waste disposal activities are currently being carried out, in addition to complementary activities of technical support and training of municipal agents, through the contracting of the Espirito Santo Development Bank (Bandes).

Until March of this year, R$11.6 million were transferred to the municipalities of Baixo Guandu, Colatina and Linhares, and to Condoeste. The installments are released upon analysis, approval of the projects and inspections of the works, carried out by the Espírito Santo Development Bank (Bandes).

In Colatina, the first stage of the Barbados ETE was completed, which comprises preliminary/primary treatment, and work is underway to implement the Colatina Waste Treatment Center (CTR) by Condoeste, which will benefit about 500 thousand people. In Baixo Guandu, basic projects are being prepared for the sanitary sewage system at the municipal headquarters and in the districts of Vila Nova do Bananal, Ibituba, KM 14 and Alto Mutum Preto.

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