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Published in: 10/01/2021

Santana do Paraíso

Acquisition of the vehicle will help in solid waste management and enhance the work of the municipality’s Recyclable Waste Pickers Association

The Renova Foundation allocated R$ 350,000 for the purchase of a dump truck by the City of Santana do Paraíso, in the metropolitan Steel Valley region, in Minas Gerais. Also known as a bucket truck, the vehicle will increase the effectiveness of selective collection and enhance the work of the Association of Recyclable Waste Pickers in the municipality.

The financial resources for the acquisition of the truck were provided by the Program for Sewage Collection and Treatment and Disposal of Solid Waste. This is the second vehicle acquired by the municipality with a transfer from the Renova Foundation. The first, purchased in 2020, was adapted for selective collection, facilitating the proper collection of recyclable materials.

According to Bruna Buldrini, coordinator of the Program for Sewage Collection and Treatment and Disposal of Solid Waste at the Renova Foundation, the investments made by the program are intended to contribute to sanitation works and actions in Santana do Paraíso and other locations served. “The compensatory action outlines around R$ 600 million in resources for actions in the sanitary sewer system and urban solid waste in the 39 municipalities impacted by the collapse of the Fundao (MG) dam. In the Steel Valley region, São José do Goiabal has concluded the sanitary sewer works and Córrego Novo, Ipatinga, Rio Casca and Dionísio have works in progress”, says Bruna Buldrini.


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