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Published in: 03/22/2019


New database will support the decision-making of public managers and contribute to the urban planning of the municipality


On 03/21, the hiring process was completed of the engineering company that will support the Municipality of Mariana (MG) in updating the Master Plan and in the georeferencing of the municipality. Works will begin in March, with completion expected by 2020. This initiative is part of the compensatory actions of the Renova Foundation, provided for in the Transaction and Conduct Adjustment Term (TTAC).

Revision of Mariana’s Master Plan is a legal requirement, foreseen in the Statute of the Towns. Mayor Duarte Junior (center) says the benefits are countless. | Photo: Released

Georeferencing, considered a highly technological tool, consists of a complete mapping, which defines the shape, size, limits and location of an area, using topographic survey methods and well-defined coordinates. Once finished, it will illustrate a real picture of the municipality and will be used as a basis in the revision of Mariana’s Master Plan – approved in 2004.

Roberto Ruggeri, specialist of the Economy and Innovation area of the Renova Foundation, explains that the role of public authorities will be extremely relevant in all developmental stages of these works, with emphasis on the communication with the population of Mariana on the actions of future proposals. According to him, the data to be generated will form an important basis and enable the Municipality to work with more up-to-date information when planning public investments, reflecting on actions to improve the local quality of life, and promoting diversification and economic development.

The revision of the Master Plan is, therefore, a guide to the new perspectives of local and regional development. The work will also include the creation and updating of legal instruments and contents, such as legislation for urbanism, tax, health and environment.

The Mayor of Mariana, Duarte Junior, highlighted the benefits of both the revision of the Master Plan and the technological georeferencing. “It’s a breakthrough. Something that we have been discussing with the Renova Foundation, and now here we are, the proposal is becoming reality. With these studies, in addition to being able to demonstrate in the Master Plan what future we want for Mariana, we can also legalize the land of the municipality. It’s an action that will leave a great legacy. This is what we want to do with Renova: deliver services that leave a legacy and well-being for our population, demonstrating that both the Foundation and the municipality have a responsibility to deal with this problem, this post-Fundao-dam-collapse situation,” he said.

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