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Published in: 05/05/2020

Reconstruction of villages

Improvement works at the Mariana landfill, and the Camargos waterfall also resumed starting this Tuesday


Starting Tuesday, May 5, the Renova Foundation will gradually resume some civil works in Mariana, including activities in the Bento Rodrigues and Paracatu de Baixo resettlements and family resettlement activities. The decision to continue civil works complies with Resolution 17 of the Extraordinary Covid-19 Committee of the Government of Minas Gerais, which includes the civil construction sector among the essential activities and services listed. Operations were suspended on March 23 as emergency prevention and safety measure in the face of the Covid-19 pandemic, following Decree 10.030/20 of the Municipal Office of Mariana.

The resumption of activities takes place in stages, with a reduced number of workers to avoid agglomerations, and will follow guidelines from the World Health Organization (WHO) and the municipality of Mariana, according to Municipal Decree 10.071, of April 30, 2020.

Also, in compliance with Decree 10.071/20, the Renova Foundation sent the municipality a Strategic Plan for Resuming Civil Works activities, which was approved by the Municipal Commission for Affairs related to Renova (Comar), authorizing the resumption of works under the terms of the Decree and the Strategic Plan.

In Bento Rodrigues, about 290 workers of the approximately 2,000 that were mobilized before the emergency decree, must work in activities focused on earthworks, containment, foundations, and buildings. In Paracatu de Baixo, about 100 employees, out of a total of 1,098, will be doing the following works: earthworks, foundations of houses with simplified licenses, and storm drains. For workers who did not return to activities, solutions were adopted, such as working from home, reduction of working hours, or temporary contract suspension, but without layoffs.

For family resettlement actions, about 35 employees will carry out demolitions and install roofs for the renovation of residences, and earthmoving and foundation works for the construction of rural houses.

Sanitary Landfill and waterfall

The improvement works at the Mariana Landfill will also be resumed. About 35 workers will be deployed for activities such as assembly of the structure of the recycling depot and completion of the administrative building, in addition to earthworks. During the suspension of works on the site, only essential services, such as receiving the garbage and covering it continued, taking into account the appropriate safety measures. The improvement works will guarantee that the waste is inserted in duly watertight places, to prevent any possible contact of the garbage with the natural terrain.

The recovery of the Camargos waterfall in the district is another action that will be restarted. Remedial works on the site began in March this year and provided for the removal of the tailings, the revitalization of the well, and the revegetation of the surrounding forest. The works will be resumed by 6 workers from Mariana will take place outdoors, 500 meters away from the urban center of the district. Services are scheduled to take 30 days from the moment they are resumed.

Safety measures

For the resumption of works, actions will be adopted to reduce possible contamination, such as daily measurement of employees’ temperature; alternation of meal times, use of disposable lunch boxes, social distancing in lines, at tables, and between chairs; easy access to alcohol hand sanitizer and spots for washing hands; mandatory use of masks and a minimum distance of 1.5 meters between workers; reduced occupancy on workers’ transport, ensuring more space between passengers. Most of the employees mobilized for the works in Mariana are local professionals. Those from other regions have been quarantining as a precautionary measure.

Following the guidelines of the World Health Organization (WHO), employees that are most at risk for the disease will not be assigned. Besides, in case a worker has flu symptoms, or if COVID-19 is suspected, he or she will be tested and isolated.

To avoid the impact of the pandemic on the communities surrounding the resettlements, vehicles are not allowed to stop in these regions, nor can local shops and businesses be entered.

Resettlement status

At this time, in the resettlement of Bento Rodrigues, houses are being built by the construction company HTB, and the lots of the properties are in different stages: lot containment, foundation, masonry, and roofing.

The Municipal School and the Health and Service Center are in the masonry stage. The paving of the road that gives access to the resettlement land finished in October, along with its signage and lighting. Sao Bento street, the main road of the new community, which received asphalt pavement. The other streets receive high-quality interlocking blocks. In parallel, infrastructure works, such as drainage, water, and sewage networks, paving, and power lines, are still underway.

In Paracatu de Baixo, the resettlement works are being carried out by the construction company Andrade Gutierrez, currently executing the following activities: landfill in section B, reinforced containment area; earthworks for access roads and lots; works for storm drains, water and sewage networks.

In September 2019, the community approved the conceptual projects of the school and the advanced health center. In December, the construction phase of the foundations of the first houses was initiated, after the release of the simplified license for the execution of nine foundation structures for lots/plots. In January, the collective equipment projects were completed, and the plans of the Advanced Health Center, Service Center, Cemetery, Pre-K, and Elementary Schools were approved by the community.

For family resettlement, the Renova Foundation acquired 41 properties for families that opted for this type of service, provided for in the reparation guidelines regarding the right to housing. This modality is for households that chose not to return to collective resettlements. There are 15 properties to renovate, 24 properties to build, and 2 vacant lots.

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