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Published in: 06/30/2022

Resettlements , Mariana Territory

Resettlements take shape with the construction of houses and collective goods, paving the streets and activities with the community

The districts are taking shape with the construction of houses and collective goods, paving and lighting of the streets and activities of engagement with the community.

In Bento Rodrigues, the works continue to advance with the completion of goods for collective use, such as the Municipal School and the Health and Services Centers. The Assembly of God and Ahobero (Association of Produce of Bento Rodrigues) are being built.

With the advancement of vaccination against Covid-19 and the easing of health measures, this month, the second work shift of resettlement work will begin. In addition to the 2,500 employees working from 7 am to 4 pm, another 800 professionals will work from 3:45 pm to 12:45 am to accelerate the construction of collective goods and houses in Bento Rodrigues. See below how the works are progressing so far:

Sociability and memory actions are being carried out to generate and strengthen links between residents and with the resettlement. On the 10th, about 30 people participated in a workshop on organic cultivation in vegetable gardens. Participants learned techniques about planting and how to make crops healthier, with natural pest control and without harming the environment.

For Raimundo Alves, from Bento Rodrigues, resettlement activities allow people to get used to the new place until the definitive change takes place. The workshop leader, Waldir Pollack, reinforces that the meeting helped unite those who ended up separating after the Fundao dam collapse. “We talk a lot about the planting of herbs that can help with sustainable cultivation in gardens, in addition to serving for their own consumption and being commercialized, such as mint and basil”, he highlights. Check the Bento Rodrigues Resettlement Report by clicking here.

Paracatu de Baixo

In Paracatu de Baixo, the works of some goods for collective use, such as the Kindergarten and Elementary Schools and the Advanced Health Center, were started. Others await internal processes or community decisions. Also, the resettlement streets will soon be lit up. Of the 157 posts designed, 151 were installed. Cables are also being installed, which still do not have energy. There are 2.7 kilometers of low voltage network and 2.4 kilometers of medium voltage network. The expectation is to complete everything in the next few weeks. Check out how the works in Paracatu de Baixo are progressing:

Among the advances are the works on the Sewage Treatment Station (ETE), with the start of earthworks, containment and landfill services. At the Water Treatment Station (ETA) the earthworks service was started. In the Supported Reservoir, earthworks and the concrete base were completed. The control tank and the discharge tank of this reservoir will soon be completed. Click here and follow the news from Paracatu de Baixo in the Resettlement Report.

Access the Virtual Tour on the Resettlement page and follow the progress of works in Bento Rodrigues and Paracatu de Baixo:

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