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Resettlement Of Paracatu De Baixo Has More Than 90% Of Its Infrastructure Completed

Published in: 04/05/2022

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Currently, 16 houses and 3 collective goods are under construction.

The works on the resettlement of Paracatu de Baixo, in Mariana (MG), continue with the construction of houses, goods for collective use and infrastructure. The process of defining the new district had the active participation of around 78 families, from choosing the land to monitoring the construction of the resettlement. The involvement of the community brought to the urban project characteristics in accordance with collective habits. Community practices are references to restructure economic, productive and cultural activities in the resettlement.

The construction of the treated water pipeline and works on the storm drain and sewage network were completed. The main access to the school has been completed and paving is in progress. Nine permits were issued for the use of collective goods, such as kindergarten and elementary schools, sports courts, advanced health posts, service centers, fields, chapels, Casa São Vicente and community event hall. For the houses, 50 permits were issued and the basic projects are being filed.

Until the resettlement is built and the housing is completed, the provision of temporary housing to families who have this right is guaranteed.

Band House

The resettlement works go beyond the Paracatu de Baixo construction site. In Monsenhor Horta, district of Mariana, the renovation of Casa da Banda is underway, a space that will exhibit photos, letters and sheet music that were found in the attic of the Ramos family’s house, one of the founders of the centenary group Sao Caetano Musical Society. The intervention works in the structure of the property and accessibility are 75% completed.

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