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Published in: 10/14/2020

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Of the 21 animals placed for adoption, 9 are still looking for a home

Twelve animals rescued after the collapse of the Fundão dam in 2015 were adopted during the pandemic. The dogs and cats are under the care of the Renova Foundation in Mariana. Due to the Covid-19 Pandemic, The Animal Assistance Program is doing the adoption process online and delivering the animal directly to the residence of potential adopters.

The service began to be offered this way due to the current scenario, as adoption events and visits to the center where the animals live were suspended. Nine dogs and a female cat are still available for adoption. All animals are neutered, dewormed, have all vaccines up to date, and are able to participate in the distance adoption process. 

For the online intermediation to start, the potential adopter should contact the number (31) 97112-3867 (also WhatsApp) or send an e-mail to They will then receive information and images of the animal, according to the needs of each case, and also the guidelines for the adoption process. 

The next step is to conduct a remote interview so that the team understands the profile sought by the person.

Completion of the process and delivery of the animal

“After a chat to answer any questions and with everything OK, we move on to the process of confirming the adoption and arranging the delivery of the animal, following all the safety recommendations in the face of the current scenario of the fight against Covid-19. In this format, the process became more practical for potential adopters, as we try to make a real connection by providing all the necessary information even without face-to-face visits”, explains Luciana Sales, a member of the animal care team of the Renova Foundation.

One other relevant concern of the Animal Welfare Program is raising awareness of the tutor. Before adoption, the potential adopter also receives a primer on responsible care and animal welfare prepared by the program, which describes their ideal daily scenario. After that, documents such as the term of adoption and responsibility are formalized.

It was the new format of the service that allowed Carlos Braga, from Governador Valadares, to adopt the dog Orlandinha during the pandemic. “They provided all the information about her, told me in advance everything she likes to do, and warned that she is quite agitated. On the day of delivery, the veterinarian came well prepared and at the right time. When he arrived, he explained everything I needed to do and showed me Orlandinha’s documents, including the vaccination card, indicating the next vaccine that she should take”, he recalls.

Carlos has only one problem: “I was told that she is a sweetheart, I just did not imagine that it would be that much. I’m in love!”.


Animal Welfare Programme

Luciana Sales

(31) 97112-3867 (also WhatsApp)

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