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Renova Foundation team meets to discuss impacts of collapse on fishing activities

Published in: 07/03/2017

Aquaculture and fishing activities

The objective was to discuss the first Integrated Registration Report on fishing and supplement the actions managed by the institution

To discuss the fishing scenario along the Doce River, teams from different areas of the Renova Foundation participated in the Workshop Registration – Fishery Study, on June 22, in Mariana (MG). Discussions were based on the Executive Report on Fishery Activities.

The document presents the main results of the first campaign of the Integrated Socioeconomic Registration of families affected by the collapse of the Fundão dam, who declared losses related to fishing activities. This diagnosis will serve as a basis for reflection and analysis, as well as a basis for structuring the actions developed by Renova.

Renova's team meets to discuss the impacts of the collapse of the Fundão dam on fishing activities.

Renova’s team meets to discuss the impacts of the collapse of the Fundão dam on fishing activities. | Photo: Release

Based on this first study, the Renova Foundation will be able, for example, to understand the impacts on the fishing activities and, therefore, deepen the analyses and discussions. The meeting was attended by 25 representatives from different areas of the institution and involved the creation of a Working Group on Fisheries to begin the discussions on the subject.

Viviane Menini, leader of the Integrated Registration actions, explains that the first report was about fishing activities, because about 80% of those impacted are related to fishing, but other topics will also be discussed. “Our perspective is to promote, during the month of July, conversations on other topics, such as agricultural activities, social protection and health. We will have other diagnoses that will supplement the actions. We have to take advantage of the data base that the Integrated Registration generates to work in a more assertive way”, he says.

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