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Published in: 01/15/2021

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On December 21, the Court approved six agreements to acquire real estate through the family resettlement program

To meet the request of families from Gesteira, Barra Longa (MG), the Renova Foundation presented a proposal and signed new agreements with six households to acquire property through the right-to-housing reparation model, known as family resettlement.

The approval of the new agreements, which took place last Monday, 12/21, within the scope of the Public Civil Action processed in the 12th Federal Court, is a step forward in the negotiations with Gesteira families that expressed interest in right-to-housing restitution through the family resettlement program. The agreements were drawn up by the Renova Foundation and approved by the respective Federal Court.

It is the second time agreements were approved. The first time was on October 26, 2020, when the 12th Federal Court approved eight agreements. Until December, 14 agreements were confirmed by the Court. Of these families, two have already acquired their properties. 

Through the approved agreements, families receive a price limit to purchase the property of interest. This value guides the search and acquisition of the desired property, with technical support from the Renova Foundation throughout the process. If the chosen property is of a lower value than the proposal limit, the family is entitled to receive the difference. After the property’s purchase, after the ownership is transferred to the head of the household, the Renova Foundation is responsible for moving the family to the new house and supporting the restructuring of the productive activities that existed before the Fundao dam collapse.  

“The proposal for assistance through the family resettlement program is available for all eligible families from Gesteira. It is a guaranteed right for everyone to have the option that best meets their interests and needs,” says Raineldes Melo, the Social Department manager at the Renova Foundation.

In all, 37 families are eligible for the resettlement of Gesteira. Since the beginning of 2020, the resettlement of Gesteira has been a priority axis in the Public Civil Action in progress in the 12th Federal Civil/Agrarian Court of Minas Gerais. 


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