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Published in: 09/11/2020

Economy and innovation

Registrations begin on September 12th; classes will be free and online, and applicants can complete more than one course.

Facilitating the entry of young people and adults from the Rio Doce Basin, in Minas Gerais and Espírito Santo, into the labor market is one of the objectives of the partnership between Renova Foundation and the platform Qualifica Online Courses.  1,400 free places will be offered for full access to 75 professional improvement courses of varying duration: from one-hour quick courses to longer ones lasting 38 hours.

The courses add up to more than 2 thousand hours of classes and participants will have the opportunity to develop skills and abilities in ten areas: Administration, Finance, Entrepreneurship, introduction to digital tools, languages, leadership, first job, Prep courses, Sales Specialist and Healthy Living.

To participate, participants must be over 16 years old and be registered in Renova Foundation. People interested can participate in as many courses as they want, but they need to be aware of the deadline for the completion of the courses, which is up to three months starting when they download the platform. In addition, participants must keep regular attendance or they may lose access to the platform.

Applications can be made between  September 12th and October 11th. After the application is approved, Qualifica will send the student an access link to the platform. To attend classes, participants need a computer with internet access or download the Qualifica mobile app, available at the App Store, for iPhone, and at the Play Store, for Android.


Focus on professional development


The partnership with Qualifica is part of Renova Foundation’s Resumption Paths, which includes a set of actions to promote the resumption of productive activities along the Doce River Basin. In this case, the focus is on vocational training and employment.

The specialist in Economics and innovation of Renova Foundation, Roberto Ruggeri, explains that the offer of these courses meets a demand of the population of these regions. “A lot of requests come in to provide training for the job market” ” says Ruggeri.

One of the highlights of Qualifica is the diversity of available courses, ranging from preparatory courses for the first job and placement in the job market to courses on more specific topics such as digital marketing, negotiation strategies and customer service, use of Excel, as well as languages such as English and Spanish. According to the analyst, it is a “rich platform”, which will speak directly to the public prioritized by Renova Foundation. “We will end up meeting a number of demands we have received,”  says Ruggeri.

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