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Published in: 07/21/2021


Since its implementation, approximately 13,500 people from Minas Gerais and Espirito Santo have been compensated through the indemnity payment flow

About 1,700 people have been compensated through the Simplified Indemnity System this week. The amount disbursed for the new payments corresponds to more than R$ 153 million. Implemented in August 2020, as per the decision of the 12th Federal Court of Justice, and with the first payment made in September, the System indemnified in total more than 13,500 people from Minas Gerais and Espirito Santo, reaching the approximate amount of R$ 1.2 billion.

The Simplified Indemnity System serves categories with hard-to-prove damages, such as washerwomen, artisans, sand harvesters, trash scavengers, mineral extractors, subsistence, and unregistered fishermen, among others. According to the damage category, the settlements are a one-off and definitive payments, as ruled by the Court, and they vary from R$ 17,000 to R$ 567,000. Click here to see the amounts.

Until April, R$ 13.1 billion was disbursed by the Renova Foundation in repair and compensation actions. Of this amount, R$ 4.09 billion were paid in indemnities and financial aid.

Extended deadline

In June, the Minas Gerais municipalities of Galileia, Sao Jose do Goiabal, and Pingo D’Agua were included in the Simplified Indemnity System. In addition, the Court extended the deadline for joining the Simplified Indemnity System in all locations where the System had been closed on April 30. The new deadline of July 31 applies to those affected from any of the 25 locations in Minas and Espirito Santo that already received a court decision allowing access to the Simplified Indemnity System. 

These locations are: 

In Minas Gerais, Caratinga, Sem Peixe, Ipaba, Bugre, Aimores, Rio Doce, Naque, Itueta, Galileia, Sao Jose do Goiabal, Pingo D’água, Resplendor, including the Riverside Community of Vila Crenaque, and except the Indigenous People, Periquito, and the districts of Reves do Belem (Bom Jesus do Galho), Cachoeira Escura (Belo Oriente), Ipaba do Paraiso (Santana do Paraiso), Baguari (Governador Valadares), Senhora da Penha (Fernandes Tourinho), in Minas Gerais. In Espirito Santo, they are Baixo Guandu, Sao Mateus, Aracruz, Conceiçao da Barra, Linhares and Colatina and Marilandia.


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