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Published in: 04/03/2020

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In order to protect the health of those affected, employees and communities, works remain temporarily suspended

* updated on April 3, 2020

The Renova Foundation informs that, following the warnings from the World Health Organization (WHO) and the Ministry of Health and in view of the increase in confirmed coronavirus cases in Brazil, it decided to extend its prevention and safety actions until April 12.

The main objective is to protect the health of those affected, employees and partners and prevent the spread of the virus in the territories, in addition to helping to reduce the pressure on the Unified Health System (SUS).

The Renova Foundation understands that, in view of the worsening scenario, such measures are necessary even if they affect the progress of planned actions. The decision was taken mainly to protect the elderly population in the communities (most vulnerable to the Covid-19 virus), who participate in the activities.

See below for details on the continuity of measures by area:

Construction: most construction-related activities remain suspended, including works in the resettlements.

Offices and construction sites receive guidance on hygiene measures and other actions that help prevent the spread of the virus. During this period, contracts with third parties and jobs will be maintained.

Emergency response teams remain active. In Bento Rodrigues, a team of 50 professionals will be available. In Paracatu de Baixo, 41 workers will be available to assist. To assist in cases of family resettlements and housing, 15 professionals will be available.

Since it concerns a health demand, on April 1st the Foundation resumed the renovation and expansion of the Children’s Psychosocial Care Center (Capsij) in Mariana (MG). The decision is part of an agreement signed with the municipality to strengthen the public health system, on an urgent basis, in actions related to Covid-19. The use of the center as a point for assisting the population will be at the discretion of the municipality.

Mediated Indemnity Program (PIM) The offices maintained the suspension of activities.

Water supply (water tank trucks and gallons): Water pumping in Linhares (ES) and landfill maintenance in Mariana (MG) are still active.

Administrative offices: home office for employees (direct and third parties), in force since March 16, extended to April 12.

Sustainable Land Use (SLU): Field activities remain suspended. The measure covers training and collective activities. Seedling production activities for forest restoration will not be discontinued, adopting preventive measures.

In the Upper Doce River region, animal feed supply and animal care activities at the Castro Farm and Agua Branca Farm continue, with actions to mitigate the risks of contamination or spread of the virus.

Information and Service Centers (ISCs): remain closed. The 0800 031 2303 service line remains active, with the team adopting protocols for the prevention and adaptation of their work routine.

Dialogue and Institutional Relations: collective meetings remain suspended. Teams continue interacting with their audiences remotely.

Cofferdam of the Pequeno River (Linhares – ES): An emergency response team will continue to be in place at the cofferdam of the Pequeno River in Linhares. It will only act if triggered if the river level increases.

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