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Renova Foundation creates environmental management manual

Published in: 04/20/2017

Renova Foundation

The objective is to establish guidelines for the work developed by the service providers

The Renova Foundation has established partnerships with several service providers for the planning and implementation of actions comprising three pillars of performance: People and Community; Land and Water; and Reconstruction and Infrastructure. In order to align the developed work and have it follow the current legislation correctly, the creation of an Environmental Management Manual was required.

“We recognize that the work of the providers is very important for our commitment. But still, we need to adjust. Some contracts were signed on an emergency basis, even before the establishment of Renova, without specific guidelines on environmental sustainability. Due to the urgency of the deadlines we have continued this way. However, now it has become necessary to implement a specific Environmental Management Manual”, explains Gabriel Oliveira, of the environmental area.

The Environmental Management Manual is used by all partner companies of the Renova Foundation.

The Environmental Management Manual is used by all partner companies of the Renova Foundation. | Photo: Release

The contracted field operation companies have already received the document so that they can get familiar with the new guidelines. By the end of this month they should create their own environmental management plan and share it with the Renova Foundation for validation.

They should also periodically present a monitoring report of environmental indicators, such as atmospheric emission rates and generated waste indicators, for the reports to be more accurate and the work to comply with the strictest environmental standards. For new contracts this will be an expected stage in the competitive phase.

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