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Renova Foundation creates Doce River Newsletter

Published in: 01/16/2017

Rainy Season

The material brings weekly published data on the condition of the rivers during the rainy season

To maintain the transparency of the process and extend the partnership with the environmental agencies, it created the Doce River Newsletter. The initiative, which is led by the Institute for Water Management of Minas Gerais (Igam) in partnership with the Renova Foundation, features the involvement of public institutions responsible for water quality monitoring.

The objective is to weekly release data and images that portray the condition of the Gualaxo do Norte, Carmo and Doce Rivers during the rainy season. The material is sent by email and also by WhatsApp to members of the Doce River Basin Committees, Civil Defense, the municipalities and various other stakeholders.

The latest edition is now available on this website. All others may be consulted on the IGAM website.

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