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Published in: 11/20/2019

Renova Foundation, the entity responsible for repairing the damage caused by the Fundão dam collapse, in Mariana (MG), is publicly reporting the transition process regarding the organization’s presidency. Roberto Silva Waack, current Renova Foundation CEO, concludes his cycle at the organization after more than three years leading the repair work of the Doce River basin.

The position will be taken by the current Socioeconomic and Environmental director, André de Freitas. The transition process is underway and will be completed in January, 2020.

The succession process at the Renova Foundation follows a natural line of continuity of the work being developed by the organization. The new CEO takes over a commitment to accelerate ongoing repair measures, especially on fronts such as compensation and resettlement. André de Freitas is a Forest Engineer graduated by USP, with solid performance leading national and international organizations, such as Imaflora, Forest Stewardship Council and Sustainable Agriculture Network. He has extensive experience in creating solutions, strategy development and alignment in complex environments.

The governance model adopted by the Foundation, with shared decision making and the participation of government agencies from Minas Gerais, Espírito Santo and federal sectors, continues to advance with the inclusion of those affected in all decision-making instances. The Renova Foundation remains committed to the complete repair of the Doce River basin and to conduct dialogue as the basis of its actions.


Read here the public letter of Roberto Waack

“The little more than three years I held as president, I have deepened some of my convictions from the moment I accepted the challenge of leading this process.”

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