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Renova Foundation and Federal University of Viçosa sign technical cooperation agreement

Published in: 12/12/2017

Institutional Partnerships

The document includes research, projects and consultancies for supporting the actions of the Renova Foundation

Representatives of the Renova Foundation and the Federal University of Viçosa (UFV) signed a Technical Cooperation Agreement between the two institutions on Thursday, December 7. The document includes the support of UFV to the repair and compensation actions and fronts implemented by Renova, through research, projects and consultancies.

UFV is the first University to sign a cooperation agreement with the Renova Foundation

UFV is the first University to sign a cooperation agreement with the Renova Foundation | Photo: Released

According to Roberto Waack, CEO of the Renova Foundation, in addition to technical issues related to soil, animal and forest protection, the partnership with UFV will also be fundamental for restoring the livelihoods of rural communities, supporting their social development. “Without doubt, UFV’s performance is very important for the environmental cause, however, we expect this agreement to unfold on other fronts, such as the social front. We understand that work aimed at this front is fundamental, because the social impact in these communities was huge,” he says.

For Nilda de Fatima Ferreira Soares, rector at UFV, the factor education should guide all the actions and projects developed by the two institutions. “We understand that education is a core element. Therefore, it has to go hand in hand with other actions,” she says.


Before signing, UFV organized a series of events at the University to bring together researchers with interest and expertise in research in the key areas of the Renova Foundation, seeking the institutionalization of this partnership and the engagement of interested researchers.

In 2018, to promote greater dialogue and integration between institutions, workshops will be held between Renova’s leaders and the UFV researchers. “The workshops will help develop the lines and work plans on all fronts,” explains Lucas Scarascia, from the Social and Environmental front.

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