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Published in: 05/21/2020

Reconstruction of villages

The Renova Foundation clarifies that, on Thursday (21), the Mariana Municipal Office informed that the Management Committee of the Covid-19 Health Prevention and Contingency Plan had decided to suspend the Foundation’s works in the town until 05/31/2020, requesting the to present a Health Prevention and Contingency Plan.

The Foundation reinforces that it is working following Municipal Decree 10.071/20, which instituted the Strategic Plan for Resumption of activities in the municipality of Mariana. Accordingly, the Foundation presented and obtained the approval of its Resumption Action Plan, by the COVID Management Committee and the Municipal Commission for Matters related to Renova (Comar), for the partial resumption of its works. 

Most of the employees mobilized for the works in Mariana are local professionals. As a security measure, the Resumption Plan presented by the Foundation provides for the preventive quarantine and testing of those workers who had to be displaced from other locations, thus going beyond what legislation established. The Renova Foundation is aware that there some of the people in quarantine tested positive for COVID, but they had not accessed the works.

Civil construction activities were considered essential and can be resumed both at the federal level, through Decree 10.282/20, which regulates Law No. 13.979/20 for public services and essential activities; and within the scope of the State of Minas Gerais, through COVID-19 Resolution n. 17/20, provided the applicable sanitary measures are met. 

Based on WHO guidelines, employees belonging to risk groups were not selected. Also, in case a worker has flu sympthoms or if COVID-19 is suspected, he or she is tested and isolated.

The Renova Foundation will present an action plan to the municipal authorities establishing a continuous flow of information between the Foundation and the Municipal Health Department about patients that were tested or those with signs of the new Coronavirus. A testing plan will also be created for all employees mobilized in the works.

Measures taken so far

The Renova Foundation also stresses that the resumption of the resettlement works is taking place in stages, with a reduced number of workers to avoid agglomerations, following guidelines from the World Health Organization (WHO) and the municipality of Mariana, according to Municipal Regulatory Decrees.  

Finally, a series of control measures were adopted to reduce the possible contamination, such as: daily measurement of employees’ temperature; alternation of meal times, use of disposable lunch boxes, and social distancing in lines, at tables and between chairs; easy access to alcohol hand sanitizer and soap sports for washing hands; mandatory use of masks and a minimum distance of 1.5 meters between workers; reduced occupancy on workers’ transport, ensuring more space between passengers. 


  • March 23 – The Renova Foundation voluntarily suspended activities as emergency prevention and safety measure in the face of the COVID-19 pandemic, following Decree 10,030/20 of the Municipal Office of Mariana. 
  • April 1 – At the request of the Mariana Municipal Office, the Renova Foundation resumed the renovation and expansion works of the Children’s Psychosocial Care Center (CAPSij)), in compliance with an agreement signed in July 2019. The installation was delivered on May 15.
  • April 28 – The Renova Foundation sent the municipality the Strategic Plan for Resumption of Civil Works Activities, approved by the Municipal Commission for Matters related to the Renova Foundation (Comar), which authorized the resumption of works under the terms of the Decree and the Strategic Plan described in letters 13/2020 and 14/2020.
  • May 5 – The Renova Foundation started the gradual resumption of the Bento Rodrigues, and Paracatu de Baixo resettlement works and in the family resettlement modality, in addition to improvement works at the Sanitary Landfill the waterfall in the district of Camargos.  
  • May 15 – The Health Department and the Sanitary Inspection carried out a verification of all protocols in force for the resettlements, and these were following the approved action plan.

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