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Published in: 11/21/2018

Renova Clarifies , Renova Esclarece

The Renova Foundation clarifies that there is FALSE information circulating, saying registration records need to be updated (change of address, declaration of new losses, inclusion and exclusion of family members, or what is informally called “dismembering” by the community) to be entitled to the new Emergency Financial Aid (AFE).

The Registration instrument, with its different segments of questions, already gives a clear view of the material damages to properties, families and individuals resident there, suffered due to the Fundao dam collapse, even though they are covered in one single registration. Therefore, the Mediated Indemnity Program (PIM) and Emergency Financial Aid Program (AFE) analyze the evidence of self-reported damages in the registration records and consider the impacts suffered at these three levels: properties, families and individuals. Consequently, the “dismembering” of the registration records does not lead to any increase in compensation or any granting of new financial aid.

Likewise, any changes in the household composition after the collapse also do not alter the impacts considered by the PIM and the AFE, since these programs aim to repair the moral and material damages resulting from the collapse, which do not undergo any alteration with eventual changes in the household composition.

That said, any request for updating records or communication on changes in the household composition can be processed at the customer service channels of the Renova Foundation, which will register this at the spot. Such updates, however, will not result in new Indemnification and/or new Emergency Financial Aid.

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