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Renova Clarifies: Foundation proposes additional studies on health in Barra Longa

Published in: 03/27/2018

Renova Clarifies

The Renova Foundation reaffirms that any damage affecting the health of the population and that is related to the Fundao dam collapse will be considered and dealt with in the reparation process. For this reason, the organization has received the study conducted by the Health and Sustainability Institute in Barra Longa and, although the research does not affirm that the presence of metals in the body of the residents is a consequence of the dam collapse, the Renova Foundation understands that it is its duty to investigate the issue through further studies.

One of the studies that is in being contracted is the risk to human health analysis, which was already provided for, based on methodology of the Ministry of Health. This study aims to identify factors related to the population and its contact with chemical compounds deriving from the Fundao dam and also to establish the implications for human health. The results of this data collection should be available starting mid-2018.

In addition, a toxicology specialist is being hired to draft specific protocols and provide support to health care workers in Barra Longa. These activities are fundamental for improved technical knowledge of the local health care professionals. The Foundation also continues to monitor the air quality in the municipality and the current results are within the parameters required by Brazilian legislation. Since February 2016, two automatic monitoring stations have been installed in Barra Longa. The automatic monitoring generates 24 results per day, per parameter, totaling 5,760 measurements per month. None of the results indicate that the health of the people in the areas monitored has been compromised.

Reinforcing the local health care system 

In line with its purpose and actions, the Renova Foundation is constantly working to reinforce the health care services in the municipality, together with the public authorities of Barra Longa. The actions include making available 20 health care professionals and an ambulance to reinforce local public health care, focusing on those affected by the Fundao dam collapse. The Foundation also offers training courses for municipal health care teams, in addition to the training already offered through the public health care system to these professionals.

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