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Published in: 07/26/2021

Reassentamentos , Resettlements

After a year of holding online meetings, Renova Foundation releases an assessment and maintains its focus on the social participation of affected families

Faced with the impossibility of holding face-to-face meetings due to the coronavirus pandemic, the Renova Foundation’s service to families in resettlements in districts affected by the Fundao dam collapse in Mariana (MG) is being carried out by telephone or video calls. Remote social assistance to the communities of Bento Rodrigues, Paracatu de Baixo, and the family resettlements was adopted in April 2020, ensuring the continuity of the participatory process.

Participation is voluntary and happens according to the availability of each family, who will receive step-by-step instructions with basic guidelines. At each meeting, Renova Foundation shares a weekly schedule of appointments with the technical advisory body and the committee of those affected. The methodology, already known by the families, the committee of those affected, and the technical advisory body, was adapted to maintain the flow of information, connectivity, and interactivity. 


Virtual services concern the phases of the resettlement process, such as the elaboration of housing projects, the release of agreements for signature, presentation of finishing options, visitations through pictures of the lots and construction sites, and various negotiations that the social assistance team carries out with the families. Between April 2020 and April 2021, around 925 virtual meetings were held, with the participation of 306 families eligible for resettlements, corresponding to 65% of the total number of families. Throughout the year, the level of satisfaction with the continuity of remote services met the needs of those affected.


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