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Published in: 06/29/2022

Resettlements , Mariana Territory

An initiative by the Renova Foundation, in partnership with the IEBT, seeks to encourage innovative ideas with the potential to transform the future of the new community.

The Renova Foundation, in partnership with the IEBT, is conducting training actions for young people to develop entrepreneurship in the resettlements of Bento Rodrigues, Paracatu de Baixo, Gesteira, Family Resettlement and Monetary Payment in the municipalities of Mariana and Barra Longa. Throughout 2022, the Sprout! project will stimulate the creation of innovative proposals among people aged between 18 and 29. Registration is free and can be done until June 5th through the website:

The project emerged from a survey carried out with young people from Bento Rodrigues and Paracatu de Baixo, between May and June 2020. The results of the survey confirmed the will to innovate and to receive training. Since then, the Renova Foundation has been working to present business opportunities. Carried out in four stages, the initiative will provide advice, from the emergence of ideas to their execution.

  • In the first stage, awareness and mobilization will be carried out, with the construction of the project’s image. Then there will be the launch of the RFP with the proposal to involve 50 young people from Bento Rodrigues, Paracatu de Baixo and Gesteira. In this first stage there is also entrepreneurial training lasting 45 days, awakening aspects of leadership, motivation and skills of the entrepreneurial profile.
  • The second stage will be Ideation with the development of the idea, which will last approximately 90 days, and will address market aspects, business modeling and design thinking, through workshops and mentorships. Young people will also be prepared to present the ideas developed (pitch phase), contributing to the search for investors/sponsors.
  • The third stage is the evaluation of the business, in which an evaluation panel will select the best projects.
  • The last step will be the implementation of the selected business idea, which will be followed up and monitored. A work plan will be developed with various activities with the proposal that young people know how to manage the business.


Sprout! was born with the principle of training young people from affected communities, encouraging them to develop business-oriented ideas, contributing to the local economy. Related to the blossoming of something new, the word “sprout” summarizes the concept of the initiative: bringing together young people to sprout new ideas, creating innovative proposals related to the economic future of their communities, which can directly contribute to the development of the new place.

Youth Entrepreneurship at the Renova Foundation

Along with the repair work carried out in the Doce river basin, the Renova Foundation works to encourage young people to play a leading role through socio-educational and community development projects. In order to bring together initiatives that work to mobilize and engage this audience, in 2020 the Youth Agenda was established with the proposal to articulate and bring together initiatives aimed at this age group.

In 2020, through the Programs for the recovery of micro and small businesses and Encouraging local contracting, the Renova Foundation carried out works to understand the demands of the young public of Bento Rodrigues and Paracatu with a focus on professional qualification and entrepreneurship. Based on the research, actions were carried out with Senai and Qualification Platform.

Schedule of the Sprout! project
Registration: May 16th to June 5th
Announcement of the selection: June 7th to June 8th
Project start: June 9
STAGE 1 (Entrepreneurial Training): June 9th to July 15th
STEP 2 (Ideation): July 18th to September 30th
STEP 3 (Evaluation of Business Ideas): September 26th to October 7th
STEP 4 (Implementation of Business Ideas): October 10th to December 15th
Project completion: December 16th

Find out more by visiting the website and follow up on Sprout! project’s Instagram.

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