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Published in: 06/26/2020

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The initiative seeks to help strengthen businesses linked to tourism in the Doce River Basin and to face the pandemic

Entrepreneurs and workers in the tourism industry operating in municipalities impacted by the Fundao dam collapse in Minas Gerais and Espirito Santo will have access to free online courses to strengthen their local businesses. The objective is to guide them to find and build alternatives to face the current pandemic, as well as to resume activities after this period has passed.

Distance learning courses will address the following topics: 

The course addresses the tourism industry, market, competitiveness, and good practices. It is a 4-hour course that focuses on creating skills and abilities such as attitude, creativity, resilience, holistic vision, and risk-taking. 

The Communication and Digital Marketing course includes guidance on internet advertising, free research and advertising tools, using Google in the advertising strategy, paid search and organic search, and the Digital Marketing Plan. It is a 4-hour course that focuses on creating skills and abilities such as attitude, creativity, resilience, planning, and organization. 

The Business Plan and Financial Management course covers Evaluation, Market, Productive/Operational Organization, Finance, and People Management. It is a 4-hour course that focuses on creating skills and abilities such as leadership, risk-taking, resilience, innovation, and organization. 

Each course consists of ten video classes, making use of a distance learning platform for three months. Classes can be accessed by cell phone, computer, or tablet. 

“The courses are an opportunity for entrepreneurs to receive training, access new information, bring them into the business and broaden their vision and ways to manage the business,” says Regiane Assis, analyst at the Program to Promote the Recovery of Quality of Life and Tourism.

The initiative is part of the Tourism Entrepreneurship Development Project of the Renova Foundation. It has as its target group entrepreneurs and employees of hotels, inns, agencies, bars, restaurants, lunchrooms, artisanal products stores, ateliers, and shops in the municipalities throughout the Doce River Basin. Other people interested in the industry will also be able to apply.

“We want to reach entrepreneurs and their employees, but people who are not from the industry and are interested in the training to start in the tourism industry are also welcome,” says the analyst. 


Registration for the courses is open through attend classes, the participant must access the website, register, and complete the form. 

During the three months in which the courses will be available on the platform, the participants will be able to complete all training courses or only the ones they are interested in. From the moment each session starts, the student will have ten days to attend classes and receive the certificate.

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