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Published in: 02/01/2022

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The project has a budget of more than BRL 2.6 million and should benefit 565 families in the north of Espírito Santo

The Renova Foundation is supporting rural producers in nine agrarian reform settlements, located in the north of Espírito Santo. Carried out in partnership with the Cooperative for Production, Commercialization and Improvement of Settlers (Coopterra), the Project to Support Coffee and Black Pepper Production Chains in Rural Settlements of Espirito Santo will take place through actions to improve the production chain and training technique, promoting income generation and strengthening the production development strategy in the settlements. 

More than BRL 2.6 million will be allocated and, in all, 565 food producing families will be served and organized to work in all segments of the agri-food chains. Through a cooperation process, it is possible to produce with more quality and access markets for the products. The initiative is part of compensatory projects aimed at boosting the economic reactivation of the Doce River basin.

The actions include support for the renovation of coffee plantations with the introduction of a genetically improved Conilon coffee variety; construction of a coffee and black pepper processing unit in a settlement; installation of black pepper processing equipment in three other settlements; specialized technical assistance in agricultural activities; and commercialization of products through cooperatives of the settlers themselves.

Project presentation meetings and family registration are taking place in each settlement. Equipment such as a portable GPS device, a vehicle, two grain sample peelers, three threshers for black pepper with auger, four stainless steel pepper dryers, among others, were also purchased. Find out about the settlements and the number of families covered.

  • Nova Esperança: 50 families;
  • Piranema: 65 families;
  • Georgina: 81 families;
  • Vale da Vitória: 39 families;
  • Pratinha: 17 families;
  • Zumbi dos Palmares: 151 families;
  • Valdício Barbosa dos Santos: 89 families;
  • Paulo Vinhas: 63 families;
  • Independência: 10 families

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