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Povoacao and Regencia communities receive investment of R$ 3.5 million in projects

Published in: 02/01/2018

Local Economy

The actions are aimed at boosting tourism, improving the quality of life of the residents and ensuring new income alternatives for the population

Projects developed with the participation of the communities of Povoacao and Regencia, in Linhares (ES), to mitigate the effects caused by the Fundao dam collapse on tourism, fishing and leisure are underway. Investments in new businesses, infrastructure works, training and promotion of the river mouth totals R$ 3.5 million. About 4 thousand people are to benefit.

“The first projects to be completed were those of vocational training and the Povoacao playground. Throughout 2018, we will continue their delivery. These are projects that will strengthen the ties of the communities and also strengthen the economies of these regions,” says Dihego Pansini, from the Socioeconomic front.

All the initiatives are based on suggestions by the communities and structured by Renova, through collective construction. For the implementation of the actions, the hiring of labor within the community will be prioritized. The projects are aimed at boosting tourism and improving the quality of life of the residents, as well as ensuring new income alternatives for the population, diversifying the local economy.

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