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Published in: 05/18/2021

Loss of Profit

Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, the entire process for Loss of Profit payment will be handled remotely.

So far, the Renova Foundation has paid approximately 4,200 people eligible for loss of profit for the year 2020 in the states of Minas Gerais and Espirito Santo, corresponding to a total amount of R$ 95.6 million.  

The services started in January 2021, and the payments are expected to be completed.

Those eligible to receive indemnity are those affected who signed the agreement in the Mediated Indemnity Program (PIM), who received compensation for loss of profits in previous years, and whose economic activities remain impacted, even partially. 

With the payment of lost profits, the Renova Foundation seeks to redress the income that the affected person obtained as a result of their productive activity, which was interrupted as a direct consequence of the Fundao dam collapse (MG) in November 2015. 

Remote service 

Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, the entire process for the payment of Loss of Profit is being done remotely, using tools that enable remote communication. About 500 professionals are working remotely throughout the impacted territory.  

The Renova Foundation has adopted the remote service model since March 2020, when the offices were closed due to social isolation measures. 

To carry out the service, a representative from the Renova Foundation or Mediation will reach out by phone. People must wait for that call. In Mariana (MG), if they prefer, those affected can be attended by the technical advisors of Caritas. 

Next, the proposal and the agreement are sent by email or WhatsApp. Those affected have up to three days to respond if they accept or refuse the proposal. In case they accept the agreement, they need to reply “agreed” via email or WhatsApp. There is also the option of digitally signing the agreement or printing it out for signature, with the subsequent digitization and returning the document by email or WhatsApp. 

Email and WhatsApp messages are restricted to representatives of the Renova Foundation, and the messages are stored in the system, showing the entire indemnity process. 

The payment is deposited in a bank account in the name of the affected person. The Renova Foundation will send an SMS to the phone number provided in the database informing about the payment. For cases involving minors and the disabled, payment is made after completion of the approval process. 

In case there are any concerns, those affected can call 0800 031 2303 to confirm if the Renova Foundation reached out to them. 

The Renova Foundation informs that, until March 2021, it had disbursed R$ 3.95 billion in indemnities and Emergency Financial Aid (AFE) for more than 320 thousand people. 

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