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Partnership Promotes Technical Course In Agroecology For Agrarian Reform Settlements In Es

Published in: 04/05/2022


40 vacancies were offered to those who completed High School

The inaugural class of the technical course in Agroecology was held on Monday (7), at the Federal Institute of Espírito Santo (Ifes) – Santa Teresa campus. The course initiative was made possible by the signing of a partnership between the Education for Revitalization of the Doce River program, by the Renova Foundation, with the Maria Olinda Training Center (CEFORMA).

The special selection process for vacancies in the technical course in Agroecology subsequent to High School offered 40 places for people who have completed High School. The pedagogical project of the course was prepared by a commission of effective servers of Ifes – Santa Teresa campus and reviewed by a mixed commission also made up of representatives of CEFORMA.

After the steps of registration and analysis of documentation for the realization of enrollments, affected people who live in the agrarian reform settlements served by the Renova Foundation, together with CEFORMA, will occupy the 40 vacancies offered.

“This technical course is a very rich opportunity for professionalization. Undoubtedly, it will be a very high-quality training to contribute strongly to the professional development of these students”, says Eduardo Malini, Education, Culture and Tourism analyst at the Renova Foundation.

The technical course in Agroecology aims to train professionals who work in agricultural and extractive production systems based on agroecological principles and techniques of organic production systems. The course is expected to last 18 months.

Among the subjects offered in the course are: Agroecology and Sustainable Rural Development; Plant Biology; Fundamentals of Soil Science; Computer Basics; Seeds and Propagation of Plants; Agroecological Systems of Animal Production; Agroecological Systems of Plant Production; Food Technology and Processing; Topography and Irrigation; Management and Agroecological Conservation of Soil and Water; Agricultural Machinery and Mechanization and Agroforestry Systems.

Other partnerships 

Among the Renova Foundation’s partnerships with cooperatives and training centers in the settlements, there are already two actions linked to Agroecology: the Formation of Trainers in Agroecology courses (to train agroecological farmers who can work in their areas and contribute to the structuring of agroecological settlements, training trainers and social mobilizers through the training of teachers and teachers of schools in the settlements) and Basic Training courses (to train and organize families in the settlements for the agroecological model of production, with Peasant Agroecology as perspective and foundation). In Espírito Santo, these courses were given by CEFORMA. 

To date, two Training for Trainers courses have been held with the participation of 95 students. On the other hand, Basic Training courses continue to take place normally on demand from the settlers.

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