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Published in: 05/05/2020

Local Economy

The partnership between the Renova Foundation and Calebe_ takes #fiqueemcasa platform to Mariana, Ipatinga, Governador Valadares and Linhares

The Renova Foundation and Calebe launched, in partnership, four new collaborative delivery maps for local businesses. They aim to support small and medium entrepreneurs and create alternatives for those who want to shop or hire services without leaving home in the towns of Mariana, Ipatinga, and Governador Valadares, in Minas, and Linhares, in Espirito Santo.  These are the maps: 

The project’s objective is to value local businesses amid the crises caused by the coronavirus pandemic and to connect producers and customers. “Our main focus with this action is to strengthen and create alternatives for entrepreneurs in the towns affected during this social isolation period. Many of the businesses did not have home delivery services yet or an online presence, and I believe that this step will last even after the pandemic,” says Andrea Furtado de Almeida, an analyst from the Economy and Innovation department of Renova.  

How to register

Those interested in being included in the map, whether they are business owners or users who want to leave suggestions, should access the website of their town and fill out a form stating: business name, type of product offered, address, telephone number and delivery method (apps, own delivery…).

Those responsible for the initiative ask the public only to add the right business information that meets the profile for which the map was created. In other words, those registered must be local small and medium-sized entrepreneurs who deliver or provide online services. Periodically, the registrations will be evaluated, and profiles that are not within these requirements will be excluded.

Examples of types of businesses that can be added are: supermarkets, restaurants, cafeterias, pharmacies, and professionals, such as psychologists or accountants, among others. 

The map will work for as long as health officials continue to recommend social isolation and contact restrictions.


The initiative

The #fiqueemcasa (#stayathome) project was created by Calebe and launched in Belo Horizonte on March 27. The site of the capital city of Minas Gerais ( was launched with 100 registrations, and soon reached more than 650 registered establishments.  

Moreover, other partnerships allowed the project to be expanded to two more municipalities, Lagoa Santa, in the metropolitan region of Belo Horizonte, and Itatiba, in Sao Paulo.

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