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Published in: 02/21/2020

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Pedro Strozenberg was selected after a recruitment process and will seek to deepen dialogue with those affected


At the end of 2019, the Renova Foundation concluded the selection process of the ombudsman. Chosen was Pedro Strozenberg, lawyer specialized in Public Law, with experience in ombudsman and human rights activities. 

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This new hire is a determination of the TAC (Conduct Adjustment Term) Governance, an extrajudicial instrument for alternative conflict resolution. The term created instances to ensure that those affected effectively participate in the governance system for repairing the damages resulting from the Fundao dam collapse in Mariana (MG). The ombudsman will reinforce the Ombudsman’s Office’s activities, not only when it comes to receiving complaints, but also entering into active and purposeful dialogue with those affected. 

The term of office of the ombudsman will be four years, which can be extended for the same period – something also referred to as “reappointment”. In the description of his functions, it is defined that he “must act autonomously and independently in conducting the investigation processes of the complaints, so that he can act with impartiality and legitimacy”.

“The Renova Foundation’s Ombudsman’s Office already exists and receives and handles the incoming complaints with responsibility and care. But, in expanding its scope it proposes to be more purposeful now and to reinforce its presence in the territories”, says Pedro Strozenberg.

The hiring of the ombudsman received the approval of the Federal Prosecution Service (MPF), the Public Defender’s Office, the Interfederative Committee (CIF) and formally constituted technical advisors, contributions that reinforce the integrity of the selection process. In addition to coordinating with the various stakeholders of the Renova Foundation, he will also receive, examine and forward information regarding the Renova Foundation’s procedures and actions for repairing the damage caused by the Fundao dam collapse.

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