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Messages that say it is mandatory to hire a lawyer to be included in the Mediated Indemnity Program are false

Published in: 11/08/2017

Renova Clarifies

The Renova Foundation clarifies that FALSE messages are being shared on WhatsApp and social networks, saying that, by determination of the CIF, only those people who hire lawyers will be met in the Mediated Indemnity Program (PIM).

Participation in the Program is voluntary and free of charge, and its objective is to enable a more agile result, without the procedures and costs of a lawsuit. Legal assistance in the PIM process is a choice of the affected parties and people who are not assisted by a private lawyer can contact the Public Defender of their town.

False Messages

In recent weeks FALSE messages have been spread on behalf of the Renova Foundation. Stay alert and, in case of doubt, contact our service centers through 0800-0312303, or a professional of the Dialogue program in your region.

The Renova Foundation condemns all kinds of rumors and false messages that create concerns and doubts among the population.

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