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Meetings help locate families who have applied for registration with the Renova Foundation

Published in: 05/25/2017

Registration of Impacted Parties

Since the registration, many had changed address and telephone number and could not be located

Since the first stage of the registration of impacted families, which took place until October 30, 2016, much has changed. Some people no longer live at the registered addresses or have changed their phone numbers. Because of this, the Renova Foundation faced the challenge of locating approximately 2,000 people and to continue the Registration Program.

In partnership with the affected municipalities, the Renova team held meetings with the Departments of Health and Social Welfare in April and May, seeking information on those who applied for registration with the Foundation. So far, 85% of them have been located.

“We have a commitment with the Inter-Federative Committee (CIF) to find these families by the end of May. With the support of local authorities, this task has been more efficient”, says Cyntia Boechat, an analyst at the Socioeconomic front.

Reuniões entre Fundação Renova e secretarias municipais contribuem para a localização de famílias cadastradas.


“Through the databases of the Family Health program and other social programs, in addition to the information provided by the professionals of the departments that deal directly with the residents of the towns, we have been able to locate all these people. The support of these bodies is the key to our work”, says Cyntia.
Once they are located, the families go through the processes of mobilization, indexation, socioeconomic records, survey of damage and handing in completed registration forms, in order to have these updated.

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