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Meeting on Integrity reaffirms the transparency commitment of the Renova Foundation

Published in: 08/08/2017

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Conversation marked the opening of the Month of Integrity, an initiative that will reinforce the importance of this value in all reparation actions

The Meeting on Integrity of the Renova Foundation took place this Monday, August 7, in Belo Horizonte (MG). Based on the understanding that integrity is related to acting in a correct manner, with transparency and responsibility, the institution prepared, throughout August, a series of actions to discuss this value, which should guide the activities of all those involved in the reparation process.

Na foto, o gerente de Compliance da Fundação Renova, Eduardo Dinelli; Reynaldo Goto, responsável por Compliance na Siemens; Caio Magri, diretor-presidente do Instituto Ethos; e Roberto S. Waack, diretor-presidente da Fundação Renova. | Foto: João Bosco

In the photo the Compliance Manager of the Renova Foundation, Eduardo Dinelli; Reynaldo Goto, responsible for Compliance at Siemens; Caio Magri, CEO of the Ethos Institute; and Roberto S. Waack, CEO of the Renova Foundation. | Photo: João Bosco.

In order to understand integrity as an essential value, which should guide the activities of all those involved in the reparation process, the Renova Foundation is carrying out a series of actions during the month of August to discuss the importance of acting in a correct, transparent and responsible manner. The Meeting on Integrity, organized by the institution last Monday, August 7, in Belo Horizonte (MG), was the first initiative in this regard.

The conversation counted with the participation of Caio Magri, CEO of the Ethos Institute, and Reynaldo Goto, responsible for Compliance at Siemens. The speakers were received by CEO Roberto S. Waack and Compliance Manager Eduardo Dinelli, both of the Renova Foundation. They shared their experiences and views, and talked about the importance of an effective integrity program in organizations.

Roberto S. Waack opened the meeting by emphasizing that collective construction is an important part of the Foundation’s essence. And in this context, it is essential to have a set of strong values ​​for the development of transparent dialogue with all sectors of society. “While on the one hand the Foundation needs to have these values ​​well consolidated internally, on the other hand we see the chance to collaborate with the development of these same principles in the communities”. For him, Compliance should not be a barrier, but a central element of this construction, paving the way for everyone who participates in this challenge.

“Integrity is an important strategic subject for transforming the country. It must be present not only in organizations but in our own lives. Through it, we have the opportunity to transform society into a more honest and committed place, doing the right things the right way”, said Caio Magri.

For Reynaldo, the Compliance area should not be acting alone but should be supported by all areas. “Compliance does not have to be the brake of an organization in order to bar inappropriate practices. It is necessary that this culture be present in all areas and that all collaborate, always doing the right thing”, he said.

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