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Letter to the communities of Mariana and the Doce River Basin

Published in: 11/04/2019

It is exactly four years ago that the Fundao dam in Mariana (MG) collapsed. At this moment, the Renova Foundation expresses its solidarity with the people and communities affected and reaffirms its commitment to the full reparation of the damage caused by the tragedy, from Mariana (MG) to the Doce River Mouth. We regret all the losses and know that many are irreparable, but we believe that if everybody participates we can make the repair and compensation reality.

In order to establish the reparation guidelines, the Renova Foundation is governed by a participatory governance model involving more than 70 organizations. In addition, the efforts for the reparation today involve about 7,000 people and dozens of NGOs, institutions and universities who are looking for the best solutions to complex every-day problems.

And with results. Construction of the first houses in the Bento Rodrigues resettlement began in July. At the same time, progress is being made with the infrastructure works in Paracatu de Baixo, and in Gesteira the land was purchased.

In the social and environmental field, the water condition of the Doce River has returned to its pre-collapse level and can be consumed after undergoing conventional treatment. Public agencies, such as the Institute for Water Management of Minas Gerais (Igam), of the Minas Gerais State Government, and the Environmental Sanitation Service of Colatina (Sanear), of the Espirito Santo State Government, attest to the improvement. More than 6 million river monitoring data enties are available for consultation and research.

Through partnerships with researchers, universities and NGOs, extensive monitoring of biodiversity occurs throughout the basin. Currently, 680 farmers are engaged in forest restoration and spring recovery.

The total of compensation and financial aid payments throughout the basin reached R$ 1.8 billion in August, serving around 320,000 people. We expect to end the year at around R$ 2 billion. The repair and compensation actions performed by the Renova Foundation have so far cost around R$ 6.7 billion.

A lot has been done but there is also still a lot to do. We are convinced that dialogue, mediation and negotiation are the best path. It is a new path for many and, because of the difficulties, corrections were necessary or new solutions had to be created together. But we believe that this is the way to build a new reality for the Doce River Basin: with the participation of all.

Moving forward together.

The Renova Foundation

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