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Installation of construction site of the new Bento Rodrigues district has begun

Published in: 05/11/2018

resettlement areas

Offices and support structures of the companies will occupy an area of ​​approximately 10 thousand m2 (32,808 sq. ft) and will speed up the construction of the district once the environmental licensing is in place.

Another milestone was reached in the Bento Rodrigues resettlement process. On Friday, May 11, installation of the construction site was initiated on the site known as Lavoura, land selected by the community for the construction of the district. The installation of offices and support structures of the companies will speed up the construction works of the town once the environmental licensing is in place.

The first actions are the vegetation suppression and earthworks in the area, with completion expected in approximately 45 days. After this period, the construction of the buildings – two offices and a cafeteria – will begin, which should be ready by July.

In the second phase of the construction site installation, other buildings will rise: ambulatory, locker room, security post, mechanical workshop, carpentry, among others. This stage will be completed in September 2018. The construction site will compose an area of ​​10 thousand square meters (107,639.1 sq. ft).

According to Patricia Lois, manager of the resettlement program, all stages of the process include the active participation of the community. “Those who were affected by the dam collapse are the ones who define the priority of actions. They make decisions about what is best for them and for the new villages that will be built,” she says.

All the work aimed at the installation of the construction site obtained consent from the State Department of Environment of Minas Gerais (Semad), the State Department of Towns and Regional Integration of Minas Gerais (Secir) and the Municipal Government of Mariana, the commission of affected parties of Bento Rodrigues also took part in the process.

Process step by step

The implementation of the construction site was authorized by Semad’s Priority Projects Office on April 27 and the permit was received by the Municipal Construction Department of Mariana on Tuesday, the 8th.

The Urban Project of the village was approved on February 8, 2018. The documents required to formalize the environmental license application are in progress. Once the licensing is obtained, the construction phase of the new district’s infrastructure works will begin, such as paving, drainage, sewage networks, water and energy distribution, which may occur simultaneously with the second stage of the construction site.

Concurrently to the infrastructure interventions, the particularities of each residence will be discussed with each family. It is expected that the individual architectural designs of the houses will be completed in conjunction with the permits, which will allow the immediate start of their construction.

Further details on the Bento Rodrigues district

  • Site: Lavoura
  • 375 hectares (926.64 acres)
  • 8 km (about 5 miles) from Mariana (about 8 km from the old Bento Rodrigues)
  • Urban community
  • Planned with two-lane streets and sidewalks
  • Start date of construction site works in May 2018

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