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Infrastructure Of The Bento Rodrigues Resettlement Land Is Completed

Published in: 04/05/2022

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The resettlement has the contours of the district that was designed together with the residents.

Prepared with the active participation of 225 families, the project for the resettlements of Bento Rodrigues, in Mariana (MG), took shape with the completion of the infrastructure and dozens of houses. The implementation of the urban resettlement project is similar to the construction of a city, and the community’s protagonism makes the process unique in the world. 

The infrastructure of the new district was completed, considering roads (more than 70 thousand square meters, with more than 6 tons of asphalt and 33 thousand square meters of interlocked floor), drainage (more than 34 km), electricity (more than 10 km of high voltage network and more than 9 km of low voltage network), water networks (about 14 km) and street sewage (about 8 km). The rest of the works, such as landscaping, treated water pipelines, signage, sidewalks and alleys, is linked to the construction of the houses. Among the villas, 47 houses have been completed and 86 are under construction. The Health and Services Centers, Municipal School and Sewage Treatment Station were also completed. See Repair Data for more information.

Hiring local labor creates conditions to boost the region’s economy. Currently, 2,240 people work in the Bento Rodrigues resettlement, and with the progress of the works, more job opportunities are generated for the population. Until the district is completed, provision of temporary housing to families who have this right is guaranteed.

 Access the Virtual Tour on the Resettlement page and follow the progress of works in Bento Rodrigues and Paracatu de Baixo:

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