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Published in: 11/17/2020

Renova Foundation

The process is carried out through an online platform available since the beginning of the month for the municipality in Espirito Santo

The Renova Foundation is making progress with the indemnity payment of hard-to-prove cases of damage caused by the Fundao dam collapse. In November, those affected in the municipality of Linhares (ES) have access to the new indemnity system through their attorney. The system was implemented based on the decision of the 12th Federal Court, after petitions submitted by the Linhares Commission, representing the regions of Linhares/center, Barra Seca, Pontal do Ipiranga, Povoaçao, and Regencia.

Through the decision, it will be possible to pay for hard-to-prove damage cases of professional categories such as washerwomen; artisans; sand harvesters, trash scavengers, and mineral extractors; subsistence fishermen; informal/artisanal/de facto fishermen; productive fishing chain; informal and street fish retailers; associations; and salespeople. The sums vary from approximately R$ 23,000 to R$ 567,000.

The new indemnity system was launched in August for Baixo Guandu (ES) and Naque (MG) through an online platform called Attorney’s Portal and is available on the Renova Foundation website (

Until November 13, the new indemnity system totaled about 6 thousand applications and 718 payments made in these two municipalities, with a corresponding total of R$ 69.3 million. Sao Mateus and Linhares, both in ES, also already have access to the platform. On November 16, Itueta (MG), Conceiçao da Barra (ES), and Aracruz (ES) will have access to the new indemnity system. Adherence to the platform has a deadline for all these municipalities as defined by the Court, which is January 31, 2021.

The Renova Foundation informs that, until September 2020, R$ 2.65 billion had been paid in indemnities and emergency financial aid to approximately 321 thousand people across the Doce River channel in Minas and Espirito Santo.


Access to the platform is the first step for joining the indemnity system. Those affected must be represented by attorneys or public defenders who must comply with all the steps described on the platform and comply with the sentence determinations, such as presenting the required documentation. After the process is finalized, in case of acceptance of the indemnity proposal, the acceptance agreement is sent to the Court. Only after approval by the Court, the indemnity is paid.

To join the platform, those affected must confirm that they were at least 16 years of age at the time of the dam collapse, were duly registered or requested registration in the Renova Foundation database linked to the mentioned regions of the municipality of Linhares, by April 30, 2020, in addition to representation by a lawyer or public defender. Joining the new indemnity system is optional.

Check the simplified indemnity system damage matrix table

About the Renova Foundation

The Foundation is a private non-profit organization, created with the sole purpose of managing and executing the reparation and compensation actions and programs for the damage caused by the Fundao Dam collapse.

The Foundation was established in March 2016 by means of the Transaction and Conduct Adjustment Term (TTAC), signed between Samarco, its shareholders Vale and BHP, the federal government, and the state governments of Minas Gerais and Espirito Santo, as well as several authorities, foundations, and institutes (like Ibama, Chico Mendes Institute, National Water Agency, State Forestry Institute, Funai, Governmental Departments of Environment, among others).

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