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Follow the news about the reparation of the Doce river basin and how the actions take place in the communities

The Renova Foundation’s communication channels underwent a reformulation and are even closer to the communities affected by the Fundao dam collapse, in Mariana (MG). Using simple and direct language, newspapers, radio programs and digital messages bring information about the reparation actions carried out along the Doce River basin and various opportunities for residents. Get to know the newsletters and check out their particularities.


Newsletters are published monthly and feature reparation highlights in each region. With four pages, short texts and images, they have a space to publicize opportunities, local stories and ask questions. The guidelines are defined by the communication group of each location, composed of the residents themselves and professionals responsible for the content. The newsletters are made available at the Information and Service Centers and in places with large circulation of people, such as shops and schools. They are also sent on video and delivered to the homes of registered people. 

Check out which newsletters and formats are available:

Voice of the Community (Mariana) Digital format and video 

Our Land (Upper Doce River) Digital format and video 

Doce River Channel – Digital and video formats 

Mid Doce River – Digital and video formats 

Lower Doce River – Digital and video formats 

“Voz da Foz” (Doce River Mouth) – Digital and video formats

“Moment of Reparation” 

Moment of Reparation is a weekly radio program, broadcast on major stations along the Doce River basin, on Tuesdays and Thursdays at 9 am, 3 pm and 8 pm. Listeners can follow the reports, interviews and comments, and participate by answering their questions or making suggestions.

ISC Murals

Each Information and Service Center (ISC) has a mural that brings the main news of the moment. To make it even more practical, people can highlight the papers to take home or share with friends, family and neighbors. 

Resettlement Reports

The monthly newsletters bring the progress of the works in Bento Rodrigues and Paracatu de Baixo and the activities carried out with the community. They are delivered to the homes of resettlement families and sent via cell phone in video format.

One more novelty is that you can access all this content on our website. Just go to , click on the “Communication” tab and select “News from the territories”. In this space, official information on the reparation carried out in each territory of the Doce River basin is gathered: Mariana, Upper, Medium, Channel, Lower and Mouth of the Doce River. 

To ask questions or send suggestions for topics to be addressed or participate in communication groups, contact us through the channels below or go to the nearest ISC.

Call Center: 0800 031 2303

Contact us: 


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