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Published in: 11/10/2020

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Work from the partnership between Minas Gerais born designer and artisans from Mariana and Barra Longa was presented at the national fashion show this Sunday (11/08). 

Fruit of the partnership between the Renova Foundation and the Associaçao de Cultura Gerais (ACG), the Catarse Coletiva project presents the Minha casa em mim collection, promoting handicrafts made by the population of Mariana and Barra Longa, based on the identity of Minas Gerais and the region in particular. The collection was presented at the Sao Paulo Fashion Week last Sunday night (11/8). The project includes work from 175 artisans, directly affected or not by the Fundao dam collapse, divided over thirteen handicraft groups.

The initiative has been curated by Minas Gerais born designer Ronaldo Fraga since August 2019. One of Fraga’s work characteristics is his profound interest in Brazilian culture, being a recurring theme in his collections and other products. For the collection, the designer signed a partnership with the ACG embroiderers.

The pieces are available for sale on the collection’s website, in addition to all other items produced by the artisans. The project also aims to promote new perspectives of development, occupation, and income generation by proposing actions that strengthen handicrafts.  For the collection, Ronaldo Fraga combines gastronomy with “handmade,” together with the participating artisans. The materials come from the backyards of the artisans’ houses, such as Claudio Manoel’s bamboos that were transformed into birds, or the banana leaf used to create the box for the Coletivo de Camargos artisan sweets and confections.

 Learn more about the project and the entire product catalog at  

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