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Published in: 08/01/2018


Issuance of documents authorizing commencement of reconstruction works for the sub-district affected by the Fundao dam tailings

On Wednesday, August 1, the State Secretariat for Towns and Regional Integration issued the seal that approves the parceling of land to the municipality.

With this, the Renova Foundation obtained, from the Municipal Secretariat of Works of the Municipal Government of Mariana, the release for commencement of the construction works of Bento Rodrigues.

The issuance of the documents gives the Foundation green light to initiate the necessary interventions on the Lavoura site, an area chosen by the community for its resettlement. The works are expected to last between 22 to 24 months.

The first steps will be plant suppression and earthworks, followed by infrastructure works such as paving, drainage, sewage networks, water and energy distribution. After this stage, the homes and public facilities will be built.

The expectation is that about 2,000 jobs will be generated at the peak of construction and 225 families will be resettled. The architectural designs of the houses are being elaborated together with each family.

The methodology of this work was built together with the community, Prosecution Service, Caritas (technical advisory body of those affected) and Secir. In order to start the construction of each house, the permit of the Municipal Government of Mariana is also needed.

The construction site started to be set up in May and will be completed this month. Offices and support structures of the Renova Foundation will make use of the site, as well as the contracted companies.

Rodrigues. The design, definition of size and boundaries, and the distribution of streets and blocks were widely discussed with the community and other stakeholders.

The construction of Bento Rodrigues will follow the guidelines agreed upon in the project, which took into consideration the needs of those affected, such as the neighborhood relations and the patrimonial and cultural memory of Bento Rodrigues, respecting the specific characteristics of the new land.

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