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Published in: 05/11/2022

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The project developed by the Renova Foundation, in partnership with PLAN and DVF Consulting, provided the formalization and training of the 22 associations served

As a way of strengthening cooperativism and associativism, the Renova Foundation, through the Program for Economic Development and Diversification (PG18), created and implemented the project for the Development and Strengthening of Solidarity-Based Enterprises (SBE) and Civil Society Organizations (CSOs), in the municipalities affected by the Fundao dam collapse, in Mariana (MG).

The work carried out by the Renova Foundation in partnership with consulting firms – DVF and PLAN – ended in 2021 with good results, such as the formalization and regularization of associations, their insertion in the market, training of its members in management and finance and increase in income generation. In all, 22 solidarity-based enterprises (SBE) were supported in Minas Gerais and Espírito Santo.

The first objective of the program was to evaluate the activities of the enterprises and, then, it was sought to strengthen and develop them, jointly building a Business Plan. All the measures proposed in the plan were monitored by the contracted consultants.


Lasting 2 years, the project focused on actions in the affected municipalities along the Doce River Basin. At the beginning of the project, assistance was carried out in person. In the pandemic period, work with the entities was carried out online. Altogether, the project included more than 1,700 hours of consultancy, serving more than a thousand people, directly and indirectly.

Businesses served:

Association of Artisans of Aimorés – Earth Art, in Aimorés
Association of Women Artisans of Itueta (AMAI)
Association of United Resplendor Scavengers (ASCAURES)
Entrepreneurship Fair, in Resplendor
Association of Handicrafts of Povoação do Rio Doce (AAPRD), in Povoação (Linhares)
Association of Fishermen and Similar People of Povoação (APAP) (Linhares)
Povoação Tourism Association – Sumaré Drivers (Linhares)
Guaxe Fish Farmers Association (APIGUA), in the Guaxe community (Linhares)
Flavors and Knowledge Association, in Colatina
Association of Recyclable Material Collectors of Mariana – CAMAR
Association of Vegetable Growers of Bento Rodrigues – AHOBERO
My Home Art Cooperative
Association of Fishermen and Friends of Rio Doce – APARD, by Governador Valadares
Association of Fishermen of Rio Doce – ASPERDOCE, from Rio Doce
Ilheiros Fishermen’s Association of Pedra Corrida – ASPIPEC, of Pedra Corrida, in Periquito
Association of Producers of Barra Longa and Cooperative of Milk of Barra Longa (CAPBL)
Mariana Milk Producers Cooperative (CPL), by Padre Viegas (Mariana)
Informal Group – Floresta (Santa Cruz do Escalvado)
Informal Group – Feijão (Esmeralda and Rochedo Farm, in Rio Casca)
Nova Soberbo Labor and Agriculture Cooperative (COOPSOBERBO)
Association of Coachmen and Sand Harvesters of Conselheiro Pena – ASCARCOPE


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